This is the group’s first Anima: Beyond Fantasy Campaign. Transitioning from 3.5, a couple of things have become lost in translation, and a couple of mechanics are still being figured out. (See the first adventure log for some overpowered psychic abilities!) Blazing into unknown territory, this is a game about having fun.

All of the creatures, characters, and locations are personal creations with inspirations drawn from a variety of sources. I’ve taken the Anima system without its setting in hopes of creating something particular to the developing stories of the players, allowing them to be featured as centerpieces rather than additions to a scenery. Despite some of the complexities with combat and ability systems within the game system, I absolutely love the way that Anima facilitates different sorts of supernatural abilities. The flare of skills like “Style” and the higher ceiling for abilities have given my players opportunities to do things they could never do with 3.5, and that’s something really fantastic that I want to strive to continue as the story grows.

As for what is to come, it is like distilling memories from a fog. What starts as grasping — searching the aether for explanations and understandings — crystallizes into reaching — an intentional plunge through the mists towards clarity. Forgotten walls obstruct the way, however, and those who keep the gates are selective in who may unplug these fonts of knowledge and power. The players will discover the holes in their pasts, uncovering secrets as they become caught up in the secrets of a fragmented land.

Unleash the exponents
Beyond our keepers.
The Fourteen are cut
And our salvation lies,

But still we hope.

Reaching Clarity